Led Screen Display Cabinet

Led Screen Display Cabinet

Finest LED Screen Cabinet Manufacturer in China

Since its founding in 2010, Dongguan Maitejinqi Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd. has produced the best-Led screen display cabinet and hardware. More than 15000 square meters of floor space make up the entire building. For products like ATM cases, medical equipment, charging stacked cases, LED cabinets, and electronic equipment, our company primarily produces important precision sheet metal parts. Our company exports its goods to a number of nations. Customers have praised the business for its first-rate post-sale assistance and high-quality goods. We are one of China’s leading led display cabinet manufacturers.

Why Choose Us as a LED Screen Cabinet Manufacturer in China?

There are 200 employees at Dongguan Maitejinqi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd who are skilled in working with the best sheet metal led display cabinet and hardware. If led display cabinet manufacturers believe that innovation and quality are crucial for the .expansion of their businesses, do you believe they are sincere? Every one of our products, from the raw materials to the completed goods, is subject to stringent quality control. Our company has officially designed an I S O 9 0 0 1. (quality management system). Our mission as a reputable led screen cabinet manufacturer in China is to deliver the best products possible to our large, international consumer base. The pricing we give is unlike anything you have ever seen.

Qualities of Our Sheet Metal LED Display Cabinet 

  • Convenient Installation

You can conveniently install our Led screen display cabinet or sheet metal led display cabinet in no time. We do not want our customers to go through any trouble or confusion when installing our products.

  • High-Quality Raw Material

Here at Dongguan Maitejinqi Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd, we use the high-quality raw material to make our Led screen display cabinet or sheet metal led display cabinet. This is what distinguishes us from other led display cabinet manufacturers. 

  • Durable & Convenient

Being a well-known led screen cabinet manufacturer in China, we make our led screen display cabinet quite durable. 

Being among the supreme-led display cabinet manufacturers in China, we have gained many happy customers. Apart from the led display cabinets, we are also among top-class sheet metal components manufacturers


Product Description

item value
Color Full Color
Panel Size Customized
Pixel Pitch 3mm
Place of Origin China
Brand OEM
Material Aluminum, Iron
Surface Treatment Painting
Certificate ISO9001
Panel Size Customized
Dot Pitch 3mm
Tolerance 0.1mm
Drawing Format 3D/CAD/Dwg/IGS/STP
Shape Customized


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